Explore an ancient temple. Avoid traps and solve puzzles. Claim one of the greatest treasures of all.

Update: Added more checkpoints, options for turning off the music/sound effects, and fixed a bug that involved moving walls + high refresh rates.

Development log


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Hi 44Magdalene, are you using and developing games on Construct 2 or 3? I really enjoy this game idea and level design. Wish would could chat some time.

This is pretty cool, really creative level design. It's really fun to see this old mechanics being brought to new live. However it's a tad laggy online, which made up a lot of my deaths. An offline version would be pretty cool.

This game was amazing. I played to the very end and not once did I feel like giving up. Also it's pretty nice to see another Construct 2 game developer!

Real nice, found myself playing for a long time. 


A. Post-level messages last too long. (please add way to skip)

B. Too often fails to jump when ordered to do so.

C. level "paths" has too many false hits. (land on top of wall, registered as landing on spikes on side of wall)

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Nice game I enjoyed playing it. Also lots of checkpoints ingame will helpb

Please is there a download link where i can play it offline

This was just great to play.  The levels are very well set out. The controls were spot on and once I started playing I had to finish Labyrneath. A fantastic little 2d platformer game.

Well done DEVS